I speak passionately about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. I show how I overcame years of abuse and suffered many life tragedies and how you can too!

For All Audiences:

Jeanne’s story: How I Healed Myself and My Surgical Patients

Abuse: Wait I Didn’t Come Here for This!

Grief: There is Life After Loss of a Loved One

Low Self-Esteem: You Can After From What You’ve Been Through

Living Your Life’s Purpose: Freedom From The Chatter

For Women

What About Me? Finding Yourself Amidst The Chaos

Infertility: How to Conceive in Peace

Vibration is Everything; Change Thoughts Change Your Life

Compassion: It’s All About Perception

Heal: The Healing Power of Belief

Hospitals Administrators:

How to Prevent HAI’s

Patients and/or Family Going to the Hospital

How to Survive a Hospital Stay