How to Increase Your Brain Power and Your Memory

Do you ever wonder how you can improve your memory and increase your brainpower? Do you ever find that you are unable to remember names, dates, and events like you did when you were younger?

Memory decline is happening to scores of adults across the country every day.

Research has shown that a person’s memory begins to decline at the age of 30 and then accelerates after age 50.

There are several reasons for the decrease in mental sharpness. Disuse or the lack of challenge to the brain and exposure to new experience causes the brain to slow its processing abilities.

Lack of attention and focusing can cause fuzzing thinking too. For example, some people turn up the volume on their TV when they think they can’t hear it. However, if they were listening more carefully and focus their attention, they could process the sound more efficiently.

So how do you improve your memory and your brain power?

Include some new and rewarding activities into your life every day. Learning new things can be uncomfortable for many people since their memory lapses can make it harder to remember new tasks. Research has shown that an active brain active after age 50 can prevent and even reverse mental decline.

Routine chores and activities do little to exercise the brain. Newly learned skills, talents and behaviors, however, can stimulate your brains level of functioning.

The following are activities that could improve your memory and your brain power.

*  Music: Learning to play a musical instrument. (This could be as simple as playing the harmonica.) The type of skill is not as important as long as it is a newly acquired skill.

*  Cards: Playing a new card game with family or friends can strengthen your mental and social well-being.

* Computer Skills: Learning to operate the computer or a new software program can stimulate your brain.

* Ping Pong: Increases your hand-eye coordination as well as your brain function.

* Jigsaw Puzzles: Completing a 500 or more piece jigsaw puzzle stimulates your visual and mental capabilities.

* Chess: Learning to play chess requires careful attention and mental clarity

* Juggling: Requires physical agility, mental stimulation and extreme coordination.

* Crossword puzzles: Stimulates your brain and mental function

Most importantly, to improve your memory and your brain power remember to choose new and challenging activities. These should be skills you enjoy and are not too frustrating to learn and require careful attention and focus.

Keeping your brain active and stimulated after age 50 can maintain brain fitness for many years into later life.

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