I’m Jeanne Dockins

In 1976 I graduated from USF College of Nursing. As I donned the white nursing cap, I said to myself, ‘one of these days I’m going to help millions of people.’ I knew with every fiber of my being my passion for helping scores of suffering people would one day come true. Since that time, I worked as a surgical nurse at a level I trauma center helping one patient at a time.

In 2012 I discovered periodontal disease (gum disease) is an active infectious disease. Having elective surgery with an active infection is against American Operating Room Nurses standard of care. I notified every department head at the hospital where I worked that having class three or four periodontal disease is like having an infection as large as the palm of your hand. I was told by the directors of surgery and human resources if I did not cease talking about periodontal disease and energy healing I would be terminated. I hung up my scrubs on November 13, 2013, after thirty years of working for this hospital.

I know 191 patients die each day due to hospital acquired infections (HAI’s). Hundreds of thousands of patients are debilitated or maimed due to bacteria contracted by hospital workers. My sister is one of the HAI victims. In 2004, she became a paraplegic from a bacterial infection acquired during her back surgery which was confirmed by an oral DNA study of the surgical team’s mouth bacteria. The operating room technician was found to have oral Strep which infected my sister during her surgery.

I have a protocol to heal not manage periodontal disease. I also know how to keep you or your loved ones safe during a hospital stay. I have extensive knowledge and references on how to heal diseases not manage symptoms. My life purpose is to help you help your family recover from ailments and dis-eases.

Throughout my life, I have experienced tragedy, torment, and extreme stress. I learned when we listen to our internal wisdom and divine guidance each of us can become our own guiding light and heal the wounds of our past. When we change our life’s perception and view difficult times as learning experiences, we can forgive ourselves and others and step into our real power. If we forgive and believe there are no mistakes in life…only lessons, we begin to thrive. When we speak and act from a place of authenticity, compassion, and love, we can find our life purpose and offer our unique talents and gifts to the world.