Jeanne Dockins is a registered nurse, inspirational speaker, author, and health and wellness catalyst.

Are you struggling with a disease or diagnosis that keeps you under constant medical care?  Is your body no longer responding to medicines and/or treatments your doctor has prescribed?

Are you in constant physical and emotional pain and frustrated because you are not getting the answers you need to heal? You are not alone. Pharmaceutical medicines, radiation, and chemotherapy does not create health; it manages symptoms.

If you answered yes to these questions, I can help. At MasteryofSelfHealing.com I will show you how to take responsibility for your own health and healing.

Click here to find book resources, websites and YouTube videos to empower you to do your own research and discover how to heal yourself not just manage symptoms. I will offer advice on finding and working with your trusted healthcare practitioners. At MasteryofSelfHealing.com I will educate and enlighten you to learn from the resources, trust your intuition and help your healthcare practitioner assist you to heal from the inside out.

Growing up, I overcame abuse, the sudden and tragic loss of my parents (10 years apart), the near death of two of my sisters and many other life-challenging events. I have first-hand experience with heartache and pain. I know what you’re going through because I’ve been where you are.

My life is devoted to helping you heal your mental, emotional and physical diseases.

In Jeanne’s writing and speaking she shares her personal stories to:

*Heal Gum Disease

*Heal Heart Disease

* Prevent or Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

*Heal Your Infertility

*Have Medical Insurance Pay for Your Periodontal Disease Treatment

* Survive a Hospital Stay

* Heal Your Body’s Inflammation

*Create a Path to Health and Wellness

* Empower People to “Speak Up” If Something Doesn’t Feel Right.

* Discover the Healing Power of Belief

*Connect to Their Inner Guidance System

* Create Loving Relationships

* Live Life in Balance and Freedom

* Learn Self Love and Attain Inner Peace